New member to the plan

Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)
Positive Enrolment Online

This information is being collected to adjudicate claims under the PSHCP and the information is essential to providing coverage for you and your eligible dependants. In order to receive your PSHCP benefit card and have your claims paid under the PSHCP, you must complete this process. If you do not, your claims will not be paid until you complete the positive enrolment process.

If you have not yet completed the PSHCP application form to join the Plan, you may do so by accessing your Compensation Web Applications (CWA). If you do not have access to CWA, you can also register by completing the PSHCP Employee Application Form or PSHCP Pensioner Application Form and submitting it to your Compensation Advisor or Insurance Specialist.

To complete positive enrolment information:

If you are registered as a user of this website, you can complete your positive enrolment information by signing in with your access ID and password, then clicking on my positive enrolment. Proceed through all the steps of the module, at the end of which you will receive a message confirming that your enrolment has been successfully submitted. Once your enrolment is processed and validated, you will receive a confirmation of your positive enrolment.

If you are a new PSHCP member or you do not have an access ID and password, you can contact the Sun Life Call Centre to obtain an access ID or submit your information using this on-line form.

To complete your positive enrolment, have the following information available:

  • the PSHCP contract number and your PSHCP certificate number (on your PSHCP card or Claim Statement or contact your compensation advisor or pension centre) and that of your spouse/common-law partner if he/she is also a member of the PSHCP;
  • name(s) and date(s) of birth of your eligible spouse/common-law partner and dependant children;
  • coordination of benefits (COB) information for your spouse/common-law partner and dependant children;
  • your permanent and e-mail address, as well as your telephone number if you want to provide it; and
  • bank account information for reimbursement of your claims directly into your bank account, if you are using your access ID and password.

It is also useful to have the Positive Enrolment booklet on hand while completing this process. You can download a copy of the Positive Enrolment booklet in pdf format (864 kb).